Dynamic Parallel Processing in Workflow


In the properties, click on Import. 


7. Insert the container element MATNR in the work item text .


8. Choose the business object and the corresponding method for the material display (we have chosen a dummy method for our demo purpose).


Click on Save and come back to the main screen of step ‘Activity’.

 9. Define the binding between the activity and the task.

As seen in the above screenshot, there are two MATNR in the workflow container. One representing the multiline element that we have created for the workflow container and the other is an index of a MATNR. Since we have defined MATNR for the dynamic parallel processing, this step ‘Activity’ would execute for each entry in this multiline element MATNR. So MATNR() represents the index of the material during runtime. 

10. Choose the User in the Agents and specify the user id. 

11 .  Activate the workflow .


12. Execute the workflow. Test run your workflow definition by providing some test data


13. Now check your SAP inbox (Transaction SWBP). There would be three work items for three materials.

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