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Display Dynamic Attachments in Work Item in Workflow


The binding in the method in task is shown

Now the task is created. Save it and come back to the workflow. The workflow prompts for the auto bindings

Accept and save the bindings

In the workflow, mark this container ObjectKey as importing. While testing pass the concatenated string of Employee Number and TRIP No.

(This is done to simplify the demo. In real time, this key can be built from the event call via event containers)

Now create an element container to store the above instance for ZTRIP_NEW as shown.

Save this element and the workflow

Now go back to the task created and bind this element created as shown

This will pass the run time instance of our custom business object ZTRIP_NEW to the container we created of the same name.

Now use container operation step to pass this instance to the Standard Workflow container element _Adhoc_Objects

Note that I have simply extended the table.

The container _Adhoc_Objects by default will also contain the default method of our Main Standard SAP Business Object BUS2089.

We are simply extending the table to call our GOS Dynamic BOR as well.

The effect will be in the work item we will get two links one for the standard BOR and one for our custom BOR.

Important: Whenever you pass the instance of any business object to this element _Adhoc_Objects, it creates a link in the work item.

On clicking this link, it executes the Default Method of the BOR. This is the reason why we marked our method GOS_ATTACH_DISPLAY as default.

You can pass the instance of the standard BOR BUS2089 also to this container as shown

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