SAP® Business Workflow

Trigger Workflow from Messages



Click on “Complete” again. Pop-up screen regarding the package (Development class) appears. Assign the package, you would like to have. Press ENTER. You would be automatically navigated to the “Workflow Template” screen shown below: 


Enter the Work item text and click on “Workflow Builder”. We are now in the “Workflow Builder” screen. 


For our demo purpose, let’s create a simple email step in our workflow definition. (To know about how to include an email step in the Workflow definition, click here)


Activate the Workflow definition. 

Testing the application

 Go to transaction ME21.

Without entering any values, press ENTER. The error message “Enter Purchasing Org.” appears. Double-click on the message and the long text appears. See the screenshot below. 


As highlighted in the screenshot above, the button “Workflow” is now enabled (before attaching a workflow definition to this message, this button was disabled”. Click on the button “Workflow”. The workflow definition created earlier, in this case WS99900061, is now triggered. See the screenshot below. 


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