Demo on working with step "Loop (Until)"


7) Then create a “Send Mail” step on the “False” branch of step “Loop Until” as shown below,

8) Enter the following details in “Send Mail” step and click on Transfer and to graphic .

9) Give an abbreviation and name to the Task.

10) Now your workflow would look like below,

11) Then create a “Container operation” step on the same “False” branch of step “Loop Until” after the Send Mail step. 

12) Build the below condition, to increment the counter element.

13) Now your workflow appears as below,

14) Save and activate the entire workflow and test it .

15) Click on  in the below screen,

16)  Go to your Business workplace (SBWP) and check the inbox. You will find two mails, as the counter is initially set to  ‘1’ and loop runs for two times until Counter gets incremented to ‘3’ to satisfy the condition that was set in container operation.

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