Transporting Organizational Structure from one system to another

By Ribhu Ahuja, Tata Consultancy Services


We have two systems – DEV (Development) and QA (Quality) – These are CRM 2007 systems or they can be SAP R/3 systems as well.  We have an org structure created on the DEV system and we want to replicate it in the QA system.

Steps and reports used:

First of all, let us see the organizational structure in the dev server. Use T code PPOMA_CRM to see the same. In R/3 systems, the TCode would be PPOME.

We need three standard reports to completely transfer the HR data from one system to the other. These reports are – RHMOVE00, RHMOVE30 and RHALTD00.

First, we execute the report RHMOVE00 on the DEV server.  

In the Plan version, choose 01 – current plan version.

In Sequential file box, in file type choose P – for physical file and PRESS ENTER.

In the field File name, press F4 and it shows the directory to choose the file from.

Notice the directory name here - /usr/sap/dev/work - this is the default directory of the dev server on which we need to create a file (BASIS consultants would be helpful here). Give this directory name to the basis person and ask him to create a file there named ‘hrdata’ and grant you the write permission to this file. We will use this file hrdata to export our records from dev server. This file would be Unix or Windows NT based file depending on the server type. The basis person will create this file hrdata on the specified server path. Once the file is created, it will show on the list of file name:

Now choose this file and return to the previous screen.  

Now execute the transaction. It shows the list of entries exported:

Now, our file ‘hrdata’ contains all the data, which needs to be imported to the QA server. With the help of BASIS consultant, copy the file ‘hrdata’ from DEV server to QA server i.e. from path /usr/sap/dev/work to /usr/sap/qua/work with the same rights and permissions provided on the dev server.

Note: If our requirement is to transport the HR data from one client to another, we can do the same by clicking on  button and specifying the client to which we want to transfer the data.

In the other scenario, where we are copying data from one server to another, this  task won’t solve our purpose.  In QA server, run the report RHMOVE00 and choose P for physical file. This time, our working directory would be /usr/sap/qua/work/hrdata.  Once you execute the report in the quality server, the following screen appears:

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