Transporting Organizational Structure from one system to another


Click on the  button. We get the following screen:

Execute the report and we see the following screen:

Press the  button and we are on the batch input session screen (SM35) 

Choose our entry – PD and click on the  button.  If we choose foreground update, we can see the data being updated in the screens as shown:


This way all the master data will get uploaded to the quality system. This will transport all the master data, but if we compare the TCode PPOMA_CRM of DEV and QA servers, it will show that the organizations have been created, positions beneath them are created but the persons attached to the positions are not showed up. For doing that, we need to execute the report RHMOVE30 on the dev system and we see the following screen: 

Make the entries as shown in the figure and hit F8. We see the following screen:

Click select all -  and then click . It asks for the transport request number: 

Give the same or create a new request. Once done, release the request and transport the same. After the request is transported, execute the transaction PPOMA_CRM in QA server. Thus we see that the entire org structure is transported to the QA server from the DEV server. Now we see the persons attached to the positions too.

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