Purchase Order Release Strategy


4) Now a copy of the standard workflow is available. We can modify this workflow definition as per the client requirements. 



5) Note the workflow definition id. Go to the transaction PFTC.


6) Select the task type as Workflow template.

And task as 99900281(workflow definition id). Next click the change button. 


7) Select the tab “Triggering events”. (The alternative method for getting into this screen is by selecting Basic data (Hat symbol on the application toolbar) in the workflow definition) 


8) Select the step and select “Call binding editor”. 


The Following screen appears. Do the check and activate it. 


Step 9 : 



Step 11 : Go back to the earlier screen and activate the event.


The event linkage is now activated. 


Hereafter whenever a purchase order is created, the workflow is automatically triggered.


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