Sending recursive mails upon reaching the deadline until the task is completed


Now we need to send mails once every three minutes until the task is finished. To achieve this, we would need to create a business object (or use an existing one) and create a dummy method (with no code in it). Ensure that the check box "dialog" is unchecked in the properties of this method.

Now create a step "Activity" by double-clicking on undefined step after the email step in the Modeled branch.

Click on "Create new task"

Provide the details as shown below:

Don't forget to check the checkbox "Background processing".

SAVE and click on Back button.

In the activity step, switch to "Requested start" tab and provide details as shown below:

Using the above step, we are restricting the LOOP to send mails for every 3 minutes only.

Save and activate your workflow.

Test run the workflow. Do NOT execute the work item and wait for the alert mails.

Work item in inbox:

Work item along with the alert mails (after the deadline is reached):


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