Trigger workflow when a record is created in a database table


Step 5 -> Agent Assignment

Step6 -> Event linkage is now available from our workflow definition side


Step 7 -> Inserting a step in our workflow for sending a mail  


Step 8 -> Email step in a workflow

Here we enter the user id, the subject of the mail and the mail content as per the screenshot below.  


Step 9 -> The workflow is now completed


Step 10 -> Now we have to notify the system whenever the event ZCHANGE_DATA occurs this workflow should be called.

The Transaction code is SWETYPV


Step 11 -> Check for a duplicate entry for the same object BO type.  

Step 12 ->  Linking the workflow with event




Output at the business workplace (Transaction SBWP) of user specified in the workflow:

And the mail content in the inbox of the user is shown in the screenshot below.



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