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Steps to transport the Agent assignment from one system to another

By Vijayendra Krishnamurthy Rao, Hewlett-Packard

Problem Statement:

I have developed a workflow that I want to transport to a production client. After much testing I changed the agent assignment to general task and then transported to QA but the agent assignment did not actually got transported.

How do I get my agent assignment into a transport so that I can move the agent assignment from one system to another system? 


Step 1: Go to transaction RE_RHMOVE30 


Step 2:

Select Plan version: 01

Select Object Type: TS

Select Object ID    : your 8 digit task id number e.g. 99999999


In the Transport section enter or create your change request

Select "Transport Objects" and

Deselect "Test" and "With Lock" 


Step 3: Execute and go to next screen. 


Step 4:

On the next screen select the row with your task id Press "Add to Transport"

Then again select the row with your task id and press "Transport/Delete" this will bring up the prompt to create a customizing request as shown below. 

Remember: After clicking on “Add to Transport” you need to further click on “Transport/Delete” without doing this together you won’t see anything happening on your screen.


Step 5: Create the transport request to add the agent assignment in the transport by clicking on the create button.

Step 6: Go to SE09 and release the transport and you now transport your change request as normal.

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