SAP® Business Workflow Tutorial

Developing a simple application using steps "User Decision" and "Mail"


    Now enter the subject and the body of the message for the mail to be sent.


       Do not change the recipients. Our mail is intended for the persons who triggered this workflow. &_WF_INITIATOR& contains the value who executed the workflow. Since this is a test object, we are using &_WF_INITIATOR&. But we wouldn’t be using this variable in real time scenarios. We would discuss about this in the coming documents. 

Now select  Transfer and to graphic button.

         A popup appears requesting for the abbreviation and the name for this task. Enter the same and press enter.

Now enter the package as local object and press enter. 

        Follow the steps 5 through 9 for the step “Reject”. The following screen appears:


  Press SAVE to save the workflow application. You need to enter an abbreviation and name for your workflow as shown below. You can change any of these at any later point. After saving, a number is assigned to your workflow starting with WS, as shown below.


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