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Offline Workflow Approval in ECC R/3 without SAP Logon from E-Mail (Outlook)


The OUTLOOK E-mail as seen in outlook. So the effect is; the moment the approver clicked on APPROVE link in the first Workflow Notification HTML e-mail, a few seconds later he receives a system e-mail informing him of the action carried out and stating the success.è

We open the e-mail to see the details and also to verify if the e-mail opens OKè

Now what happens if the user clicks on APPROVE or REJECTED link on the approval e-mail again?

The work item will not be re-processed or processed multiple times. The system will receive the e-mail and send a notification back to user that the work item was already processed.

(You can design your own system response and code to handle this case where the approver might click on the links multiple times and send multiple e-mails to the system. The system will always process the first e-mail it receives on a first-come-first-served basis)

Let us see how this works. User clicks on REJECT link on the System Notification e-mail. This process the user does after he has already clicked on ‘APPROVE’ and has sent the auto e-mail to the SAP System. The concerned work item has already been processed as APPROVED so system cannot process it again. Hence system should inform this to the userè

On clicking REJECT, we get the below e-mail, notice that the work item ID is same as before of the already approved item.

The e-mail is sent by Outlook and received by the SAP system as shown, highlighted in YELLOWè

The e-mail BODY is shown belowè

Now the Inbound Exit will trigger again and find that this item is already processed, so system will send back the notification e-mail. Notice that the system response is very fast. The system received the e-mail at time 03:15:41 and sends the auto reply at 03:15:41 (see SOIN and SOST screen shot). This is because in this case, it did not need to spend time to process the work item, which has already been processed by the first e-mailè

Displaying the body of the e-mailè

Checking the e-mail in OUTLOOKè

The e-mail is opened to check the contents and validate if it opens correctlyè

We have successfully processed a work item via e-mail without logging into SAP System. We also managed to get the system respond to the e-mails and do the desired processing and reply back with the correct status. We did not require SAP GUI to do any processing. Also SAP Login ID and Password was not needed to do the Workflow Processing..

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