Improving the performance of SAP standard implementations using SAP PI Advance Adapter Engine (AAE)


For this interface there are no changes to be done for Message Mapping or Operation Mapping in ESR. So we move to Configuration in Integration Directory:

Fig: Configuration Scenario SE_Sourcing_Enchancements_AAE

Here we can skip Model Configurator as this wizard generates objects required in traditional implementation. We can manually configure objects as the number of Objects to be created is less in current scenario. Else we can go ahead with the Model Configurator and generate objects then remove non relevant objects and create relevant objects.

First we import/assign the business systems relevant for SAP ERP and SAP SRM to our configuration scenario.

Fig: Business System in ID

We create communication channels both sender and receiver side holding adapter type as SOAP, and Message Protocol as XI 3.0.

Fig: Sender SOAP Communication Channel

Here comes the first difference, we create sender communication channel of adapter type SOAP but XI 3.0 as Message Protocol. But to send Proxy message from ERP to SAP PI SOAP adapter we need to configure three steps in ABAP stack, will discuss once we finish explaining ID objects.

SOAP Receiver CC.JPG

Fig: Receiver SOAP Communication Channel  

Second difference is to create a receiver communication channel of type SOAP adapter and select XI 3.0 as message protocol rather creating communication channel with adapter type XI. We need to provide Target URL as Integration Engine URL of SRM server which will be http://hostname:portnumber/sap/xi/engine?type=entry, here hostname and port number are of SRM server.

Then comes the Third object which is ICO - Integrated Configuration Object, this replaces all our traditional Receiver Determination, Interface Determination, and Receiver Agreement. Here we see how to create ICO object.

Fig: Integrated Configuration Object [ICO]

In the first tab Inbound Processing: select the Sender Communication Channel which we have created in earlier step.

Fig: ICO – Inbound Processing

In the next tab Receiver, select the Receiver SRM Business System.

Fig: ICO – Receiver

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