Improving the performance of SAP standard implementations using SAP PI Advance Adapter Engine (AAE)


In the next tab Receiver Interfaces provide the receiver interface details, and operation mapping if anything is required.

Fig: ICO – Receiver Interfaces

In the next tab Outbound Processing provide the receiver SOAP communication channel that you have created in the earlier step.

Fig: ICO – Outbound Processing

Save and activate all the objects in Integration Directory.

Now will move to ABAP stack of ERP to create few configurations:

1.   Create RFC destination of type G. This RFC destination is to point to SOAP adapter of SAP PI, earlier we used to create a type H connection that was pointing to Integration Engine of PI.


2.   Next execute TCODE SXMSIF and provide Sender/ReceiverID: Any unique name corresponding to the Interface, then provide Sender Service, Interface name and Name Space.


3.   Execute TCODE: SXMB_ADMIN and click Integration Engine Configuration and create a new entry as follows:

Select the category as RUNTIME, Parameters as IS-URL, SubParameter as Sender/ReceiverID created in previous step and current value as dest://<Type G RFC Destination> which will be dest://PI_ADVANCE_ADAPTER_ENGINE.

Fig: Integration Engine Configuration [1]

As a result configuration looks like this.

Fig: Integration Engine Configuration [2]

One pain is: Steps 1-3 need to be repeated for number of interfaces that are implemented from ERP. Same way if the interfaces are executing from SRM to ERP then these steps needs to be executed in SRM.

I have taken ERP and SRM as standard implementation, but same can be implemented for any standard implementation if both the application systems are communicating using Proxy environment.

Sorry I couldn’t provide real-time values of performance variances. But as SAP says there will be definitely increase in Performance chart.

I hope this will bring some idea to consultants in improving the performance of Interfaces for standard implementations between SAP Application servers.

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