Improving the performance of SAP standard implementations using SAP PI Advance Adapter Engine (AAE) (Enhanced Document/ Version 2)


5.     Standard Implementation Process in PI

Standard SAP interface implementation based on ESOA means two SAP Application Systems exchange messages through SAP PI. ESOA methodology exchanges message using proxies from ABAP back end. Business Scenario is to integrate two SAP Systems

You have the option to start an integration development project using integration content predefined by SAP. There is a lot of predefined content already available that can be reused and which helps customers to save time and effort in their integration development projects. A typical use case is that customers use data types, service interfaces, and mappings provided by SAP. For standard implementations like SAP ERP to SAP SRM predefined content works perfect for development projects. As it has all the relevant ESR content required.

So let us take the above example and see how to develop scenarios.

5.1  Systems Involved

Systems involved in this integration are SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 4, SAP SRM 7.0 and SAP PI 7.1 EHP 1.

SAP Integration Content has to be imported from Service Market Place, let us see, available Integration Content for respective systems involved in our integration in Service Market Place.


Go to SAP Support portal à Software Downloads à Support Packages and Pathches à Support Packages and Patches-Entry by Application Group

Fig: Support Packages and Patches –Entry By Application Group

Go to SAP Application Components à SAP SRM


Go to SAP SRM 7.0

Fig: SAP SRM 7.0

Go to Entry by Component à XI Content à XI Content SRM Server 7.0 à Database Independent.

Fig: XI Content

Check the latest available zip and download.

Fig: Latest XI Content available for download

Fig: SRM Server 7.0 XI content.  

Similarly download XI Content SRM Server IC 7.0

Fig: XI Content SRM Server IC 7.0  

Fig: SRM Server IC 7.0  


Go to Support Packages and patchesEntry by Application Group àSAP Application Components à SAP ERP à SAP ERP Enhance package à EHP 4 for SAP ERP 6.0 à Entry by Component à XI Content  

Fig: XI Content EA-APPL 604  

Import the XI Content EA-APPL 604 for SAP ERP system.

Fig: XI Content EA-APPL 604

5.2  SLD

For the standard implementation we need to import latest Content Repository SAP_CR in to SAP PI’s SLD. Logic here is, latest CR contains relevant the Products and Software components for the Technical Systems (Application Systems SRM and ERP).

Fig: SAP_CR  

After post installation steps we could see in SLD, Data tab is containing Content Repository version as SAP_CR 3.0 or 4.0. This CR need to be updated to the latest available level.

Refer: SAP Note: 669669 Updating the SAP Component Repository in the SLD.pdf

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