Improving the performance of SAP standard implementations using SAP PI Advance Adapter Engine (AAE) (Enhanced Document/ Version 2)


5.3  SAP PI Design – ESR

In Enterprise Services Repository we need to import the IR content that we have imported in section 5.1. Generally we will be importing Software component and versions for custom development. But for standard implementation we will import the IR content to ESR directly.

Let us see how to import IR content.  

If we got IR content imported in to our desktop then select Client, if we got on to the server location then select Server. Unzip the IR .ZIP file you can see .TPZ file. Import all .TPZ files in to ESR.  


Fig: ESR Content Import

After importing IR content your ESR should look as follows:           

             SAP SRM Related

 SAP ERP Related


 Fig: SAP ERP IR Content

As a developer we don’t need to create any mappings for Interfaces, as SAP has provided extensive pre-delivered IR content, which has similar global data types at both application system ends. Let us check out the same for one Interface Sending Sourcing Request from ERP to SRM available in SRM SERVER IC software component version.

Fig: Send_Sourcing_Request  

If we check the Application Component they will display Products SAP ERP ENHANCEMENT PACKAGE – 6.0 and SAP SRM (WITH SAP EBP) – 7.0 for SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 4 and SAP SRM 7.0 respectively.  

Hint: Check whether these Product are available in currently existing SAP_CR in SLD or not. This will eliminate minor errors in Integration.

 When we drill down to data type level at both Actions Send_Sourcing_Request and Maintain_Purchase_Request they will be referring to same data type but in different name spaces.  

Service Interface, Message Type, Data Type for sender and receiver are in two different Namespace and Software Component Version. Because of this extensive collection of Interface Objects, we don’t need to create mapping. This is the reason to import correct IR content relevant to Application System.

Note: Business Requirement may differ to enhance this Interface Objects in to your own SWCV’s and Namespaces

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