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This document describes Time bound file processing scenario where in, a file containing the employee personal details is picked from a FTP server system (Sender/Source) and sent to SAP System (Receiver/Target) via Exchange Infrastructure. Server ABAP proxy is configured to post the data to an application on target SAP System which will save the records into database.


Let us have design in Integration repository. The following screen illustrates the outbound message structure in which employee data type is encapsulated. 


In this example a small difference is maintained between the source message structure and target structure to show the need of mapping. Find below the mapping where in Full name is constructed after concatenating the Last name and First name. 


Finally we require a message interface, which will encapsulate the message mapping between source structure and target structure. 


Before completing the configuration in Integration Directory, let us create a ABAP proxy object in Target SAP system.

Go to Transaction: SPROXY where in you get to see all the objects designed in Integration Repository. As Proxies implement message interfaces in Integration Repository, navigate to the required inbound message interface, as we are creating a Server proxy. Right click to create the Proxy as shown in the below screenshot.


You can observe a Proxy-interface getting created in Target system with ‘Properties’, ‘Generation’, ‘Structure’ and ‘Type Mappings’. 


You observe that Structures resembling inbound data types, message types get created in the system. As the target structure can get multiple records of Employee personal details in this scenario, observe that a Table type of ZEMPLOYEE_IB_EMPLOYEE_TAB getting created. This can be transferred to required application in SAP for successful processing of the records, ultimately saving them into database. 


You can observe the compatible equivalent elements of inbound data type created. 


Finally you need to implement the Proxy. For this double click ‘Implementing Class’ on ‘Properties’ tab to lead you to method ‘EXECUTE_ASYNCHRONOUS’. This is default method that gets created with Implementing Class where in you need to code as per the business logic. Find below the screenshot of the sample code that reads the data from Employee internal table and inserts the data into database.


Now it is the time for configuration. Logon to XI integration directory to start creating the collaborative profiles and agreements to route the message from source system and then placing a proxy call to server proxy to post the data to target SAP System.



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