ABAP Proxy communication (Server Proxy)


First we need a Sender Communication channel, which will be able to pick up the file from source FTP server. Find below the attributes of the communication channel, which is of type ‘File’. 


Then create a receiver communication channel to place a proxy call. Though we use XI Adapter for placing the proxy call, we will call this communication as ‘Adapter less’ communication. The reason is, usually an adapter is used to specify transport protocol where in this is used to define the mode of communication and message protocol where in this is used to convert the message format from XML to native format and other wise.

As XI adapter is defined with HTTP as transport protocol and XI as message protocol, both are default protocols of XI environment, hence we say it is adapter less communication.


To complete the configuration we have to define collaborative profiles and agreements, which include Sender Agreement, Receiver Agreement, Interface Determination and Receiver Agreement. Find below the screenshots explaining the same.





Now prepare the file with Employee personal details resembling outbound message type as shown below:


This file is placed on FTP server to wait for the XI server to pick of the file at regular intervals, hence we can call the scenario to be Time bound file processing. 


After the defined periodicity as per Sender communication channel, the file is picked for processing and can be found through ABAP stack of XI through the transaction code SXI_MONITOR. This is explained in the screenshot below:


Shortly you will notice that the message got successfully processed and data is posted in the database.


The record that got posted is related to SSN 999 that can be viewed in the database. 


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