Step-by-step guide to develop Adapter Module to read Excel file in PI/XI


Define the Interface Mapping which we will be needed in Directory. Pick up the source Message interface & target message interface as shown and assign the Message Mapping

Configuration in Integration Directory

Create a scenario & name it then save it.

Once the Scenario is created & saved, it is displayed in Left panel. Then the following steps need to be performed    

Create Business Systems

The configuration on Sender Communication Channel (Integration Directory) is as follows. The key things to note are that the Adapter used is a File Adapter and the file is an Excel File.

In the Communication channel Module tab specify as shown below.

Here we are reading the message type and name space. By using these we will create XML inside the Module.


Whatever the ModuleKey you are specifiying in the Processing Sequence, the same you have to use in Module Configuration. (As shown in the above figure[yellow color])  

Configure Receiver Communication channel as shown below.  

Create the receiver Determination

Create the Interface Determination

Create the Receiver Agreement

Create the Sender Agreement.

Input File


First Row Cell values will become the Element tag names in the XML File

Each Row becomes one record from Second Row onwards

Cell Values in each Row will become text content within the element tag name respectively.

This Module can read multiple records each having multiple columns and creates the xml structure using the cell values specified in the First Record.

Eg: If the first record contains 3 cells like Name, EmpId, Design then it creates 3 element tags with the same name inside Record node in xml structure as shown below.

Similarly if it contains 5 cells then it creates 5 element tags inside the Record node in xml structure.                

Output of this module will look like this         

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