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XI Scenarios

Alert Configuration in XI 


On the Container tab page, 

Define any variables that you may want to use in the short text or long text. You can also define other application-specific variables, such as company code or material number. These variables are then replaced at runtime with values from the application. It is therefore the interface between the application that triggers the alert and the central Alert Framework.



Internal Usage of the Container

The Alert Framework uses the alert container not only for the exchange of application-specific variables, but also for the exchange of internal information. The following variables are used for this purpose.






Recipient list

type salrttrcp


Subsequent activities

type table of salrtsacti


Expiry date/time (time stamp)

type timestamp


Short text

type salrtdcatd (CHAR60)


Long text

type table of CHAR255


Triggering object



Logical system in which the alert is triggered



  On the Short and Long Text tab page, 

Enter texts for the alert category. You can include text variables referring to elements of the alert container or system symbols. In the case of a container element, the variable must be defined in the alert container. The entry in the text must be in the form &<ElementName>&. 



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