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 Recipient Determination                 

Alert Management must know who the recipients of alerts of a particular category are, so that it can inform the correct parties. There are various ways of determining the recipients of alerts. Below you can see three ways of specifying recipients.   

A system administrator determines the recipients of a particular alert category in the definition environment (transaction ALRTCATDEF). The administrator can define individual recipients (using Fixed Recipients) or roles (using Recipients Via User Roles). If a role is specified, all recipients who have the assigned role receive the alerts of the category in question. 



Define Alert Rule   

            Define Alert Rule in RWB -> Alert Configuration

            Select the our own Alert Category 


Click to Add Rule and activate the corresponding rule



 With the above steps we are done with the Alert Configuration. Now define any Integration process where after a Receive step include a Switch step/ fork where we can send alert to required recipient by specifying Alert Category. 

To see whether Alert has been triggered or not, Go to RWB -> ALERT INBOX and see any mail came to the Alert Inbox or run transaction SOST in SAP system where you will see the details of all send requests. 


Following is the snap shot of the mail that generally a required recipient receives into his Inbox. 


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