Implementation of Bridge without using BPM (Using JAVA mapping)


STEP 5 Now go the configuration and create communication channel. As we are not using BPM so we need only two communication channels.  

Sender communication channel:

Receiver communication channel:

STEP 6 Create sender agreements.  

STEP 6 Create receiver agreements.  

STEP 7 Create interface determinations.  

STEP 8 Create receiver determinations.  


4.0 Example Scenario  

STEP 1 Create a file in the input folder (folder in sender communication channel: “/IN”). This file will contain a valid company code.

The input file is shown below.


STEP 2 Check the output folder (folder in sender communication channel: “/OUT”). Output file is created with the timestamp. This file will contain company name and city.

The output file is shown below.


In the above input file we have send the company code (1001) and in the output file we have received company name (General Motor India) and city (Mumbai).  

STEPS 3 Validate the company name and city for the company code from ECC.  

STEP 4 Go to the transaction “SXMB_MONI” and check that the message is processed successfully.  

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