Chem XML Message eStandards and CIDX Scenario - Part III


Step 4: Choose how you want to enable your partner log into your server to come up with processing a message request.

a)     In some cases, the certificate is issued with CN = <user id>, then provide necessary authorizations to the user.

b)    In most cases, the certificate is issued after host name for eg., In this case to support the certificate log in, you need to perform additional settings.

      i.        Create a certificate user say PICERTUSER with adequate authorizations (One of it is XI_AF_RECEIVE).

     ii.        Navigate to NWA >> Configuration Management  >> Security >> Authentication

Go to Login module, ClientCertLoginModule.

Edit to maintain Name as Rule1.getUserFrom and Value as wholeCert.

    iii.        Navigate to NWA >> Configuration Management >> Security >> Identity Management.

Display PICERTUSER, Modify to load the partner certificate(Only Public key).

It basically means when message comes from remote server, certificate is authenticated and then accept to login through PICERTUSER.

Internally the message is checked whether valid or not by comparing the certificate Authority in ICM_SSL_XXX and partner through TrustedCAs. If it exists, it passes and then next part of steps is to select the matching user with the certificate.

    iv.        As an additional optional step, you may want to restrict the processing of scenario to this user through Business component >>Assigned Users in Configuration.

Step 5: Follow my previous blog 2 for configuration.

Wait for another blog that focuses on Troubleshooting CIDX communication.

For additional help use SAP resources

1.     CIDX Adapter

2.     Maintaining the Users Certificate Information

3.     You may use diagtool provided by SAP, more details are available in note#1045019 Web Diagtool for collecting traces. This is a very good tool that provides you the visibility on how the message is being processed.


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