Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

Collect Multiple IDocs to File using BPM


Configuration in Integration Directory

Business Process Mangement is an implementation methodology for the management of business process that interacts with people and systems both within and across the organization.

When to use BPM

1.       Control/Monitor the messages in XI

2.       Collect/Merge the messages in XI

3.       Split the messages in XI

4.       To Multicast an Message

5.       Send an Alert. 

 1.       Create a configuration scenario


2.       Create Business System/Busines Service

In Business Service mention Inbound Interfaces and Outbound Interfaces as shown below (i.e Created in Repository).


3.       Import the Integration Process

As Integration Process is used to hold messages in XI, it should receive the messages and should send the messages. So Integration Process itself acts as a Receiver Service and Sender Service.

After clicking on New in the following screen, you can create Integration Process in Directory by selecting Integration Process, which is created in Repository. This step is to import the Integration Process as it acts as a Sender/Receiver Service.

4.       Create Communication Channels

Create two Communication Channels of adapter type IDoc and File.

5.       Create Receiver Determination/Inteface Determination/Receiver Agreement

So we need to create 4 receiver Determinations.

First three are used from Source to BPM and fourth one is uded from BPM to Target.

While creating second Receiver Determination, make sure that Sender Server is Integration Process (i.e imported in one of the above steps). Interface is Abstract Interface and Receiver is actual receiver, in this case Business System created for File. Interface Determination is created for Inbound File Interface. No Interface mapping is required, because BPM itself contains mapped data.Unlike in first receiver determination, in this case Receiver Agreement is required, as file is a receiver.

Following screen explains the Fourth Receiver Determination, where actual receivers are determined. Make sure that Sender service is BPM and Receiver service is actual Business Service created from File.

6.       Save all and activate all.  


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