Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

XI Scenarios

Time Bound File Processing - File to IDoc Scenario 


5.       Configuration in Integration Directory

a.       Import Business system from SLD for receiver systems

b.       Create a Business server to point a file system

c.       Receiver system pointing to SAP system

Create Sender Communication channel with following parameters

Type of adapter                          :           File

Transport protocol                      :           Filesystem (NFS)

Message protocol                      :           File Content Conversion

Adapter Engine                          :           Integration Server

And the content conversion parameters as follows: 

d.       Create Receiver Communication channel with following parameters

Type of Adapter: IDoc 


e.       Create Sender agreement with required Service and Outbound interface

f.         Create Receiver agreement with the above sender service, receiver service and inbound interface

g.       Create Interface determination includes Sender, Outbound interface, Receiver, Inbound interface 

h.       Create Receiver determination with the above values including the required mapping

For eg.,


i.         Prepare the necessary ALE setting for receiving the IDocs in the receiving system like Logical systems, partner profiles, port, RFC destination, Process code etc..

j.         Place the file in the source directory and activate the created objects both in integration repository and integration directory.


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