Step-by-step guide on File-to-IDoc using SAP PI 7.0


A.2.3 Create Message Interface for Receiver:

In the Left Frame, Right Click on the Node Message Interface and select “New”

The Name of the Message Interface will be “Vendor_out”.

The Interface Should be OUTBOUND & ASYNCHRONOUS

It should Reference the message type “Vendor_MT

Save & activate.

A.2.3 Create Message Mapping:

Create a graphical mapping between the Custom XML message & IDoc CREMAS03

In the left frame, right click on the Message Mapping under “Message objects” tab and select “new”.

The Name of the Message Mapping will be “Vendor_CREMA03”.

Source message “Vendor

Target message “CREMAS.CREMAS03”.

Perform the Mapping of each target field with suitable source fields as per your requirements.

Save & activate.

A.2.3 Create Interface Mapping:

Now Create the Interface Mapping “Vendor_out_CREMAS03

In the left frame, right click on the Interface Mapping under “Message objects” tab and select “new”.

Source Interface: “Vendor_out

Target Interface: “CREMAS.CREMAS03

Mapping Program: “Vendor_CREMA03”

Save & activate  

A.3) Create RFC Destination in XI system pointing to Receiver R/3 System  

Create a RFC destination RFC_CX1 of type 3(ABAP connection) in the sender XI system, pointing to receiver R/3 System.

This RFC Destination will be used to remotely logon to receiver system so as to post IDoc into receiver R/3 system.  

A.3) Create RFC Port for the RFC Destination created above  

Go to Transaction IDX1 and create a RFC port “SAPCX1” for the RFC destination “RFC_CX1” created above.  

A.4) Maintain ID (Integration Directory)  

A.4.1 Create Configuration Scenario  

Open Integration Directory

Create a new Configuration Scenario or use an existing one. In our example scenario “TBIT40_WORKSHOP_SD” will contain all our scenario objects.  

A.4.2 Add Sender and receiver Business System.

Add sender and receiver business System in your Configuration scenario

Please verify that the Adapter specific parameters for both these Sender & receiver System are filled in properly.

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