Step-by-step guide on File-to-IDoc using SAP PI 7.0


B.) Maintain R/3 Receiver System (For receiving IDoc from XI)     

B.1) Create Logical System (LS) for IDoc Sender System:

Go to Transaction BD54


Click on New Entries Button

Enter Logical System Name of your Receiver Business System (WESS in this example)  

Now click on save. Here one window may appear (if so) just click on continue. Now the Logical System (LS) is ready

B.2) Create Partner Profile with Inbound Parameter.

Maintain the Partner Profile for Sender File System and add the inbound parameter as follows: 

Go to Transaction WE20

Select Partner Type LS from Partner (left tree panel)

Click on Create Button

Enter Logical System Name which we have just created in step 5 as Partner No.(WESS), Partner Type should be LS (Just Check), Agent (some valid data) Language (EN).

Now click on Save              

Now we need to add Inbound Parameter, so click on Add to create inbound parameter.

Select the Message Type as CREMAS

Select Process Code as CRE1

Select Trigger immediately.  

Click on Save & go back to previous screen.

Here you will see Message Type CREMAS is added in the inbound parameter.

Testing the Scenario

Put the file containing vendor data ”Vendor_DS.xml” on to the FTP server (For the test file, click here).

The file should be picked up by the sender channel “File_Sender_DS1

Log on to XI system to see whether the message has been successfully processed by XI or not in transaction SXMB_MONI.

In backend R/3 system, go to transaction WE05 and verify that your IDoc was posted or not.

If every thing goes well then IDoc should have status as 53.

Expand the status record of the IDoc to see the Vendor Number that was created.

Check in transaction “MK03” that your vendor was created.

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