Picking multiple files using File-Adapter FTP


Create Communication Channels 

Sender Communication Channel 



Create Receiver Determination 


Create Interface Determination


 Create Receiver Agreement   

 Create Sender Agreement 

 ***Activate All Configuration Time Objects 

                         Testing The Scenario 

Place the File’s in The Folder out & fol1 as shown in below screen shots
Test file in folder 'Out': mfilesout.xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ns0:MT_DETAILS xmlns:ns0="http://yash.com/blogs/MultipleFiles2">


Place the following files in fol1 folder available here:

  • Btest.xml

  • Atest1.xml

  • Atest2.xml

  • Ctest.xml

In fol1 as configured in communication channel


Check the Receiver Folder 


Check once again the fol1 to make sure the exclusion masked files are not picked up, as shown in screen shot 


Notes:  Create another folder called “fol1” so that additional files can be picked up, using the “mask” option we can restrict the files.


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