Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

XI Scenarios

IDoc to File Scenario 


4 Design the Scenario in the Integration Repository  

4.1 Import IDocs

Import the IDoc from the Sender SAP system. Enter the details of the sender system as shown below.

In this scenario, MATMAS.MATMAS05 is the outbound message type.


Select the IDocs which are to be imported 


Thus, the IDoc MATMAS.MATMAS05 (sender message type) is imported. 

4.2 Define Data Type

Define a Data type resembling the structure of the inbound message (file structure), Data type resembling outbound structure is not required as Imported IDoc cab be used as Data type, Message type and Message Interface.


4.3 Define Message Type

Define a Message Type for the Data type created in Section 4.2.


4.4 Define Message Interface

Define Inbound Message Interface for the Message Type created in Section 4.3. as below.


4.5 Create Message Mapping

Create the Message Mapping with Source message as MATMAS.MATMAS05 (Imported from R3X), Target message as MT_IB_MATMAS (created in section 4.3) 



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