Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

XI Scenarios

IDoc to File Scenario 


4.6 Define Interface Mapping

Define Interface Mapping for the Mapping created in Section 4.5


5 Configure the Scenario in Integration Directory  

Following objects should be configured in the Integration Directory: 

5.1 Assign Business System

A Business System represents the Sender SAP System in the system landscape directory. Assign the Sender Business System defined in the System Landscape directory in the Integration Directory.

Choose Assign Business System.

Select the Business System corresponding to the Sender SAP System as defined in the System Landscape Directory and Click Finish (In this scenario R3X is the Sender System and hence is the Business System).


5.2 Create New Business Service

In this scenario the Receiver System is a FTP Server. A Business Service representing the Receiver system should be created. Choose New Business Service as shown in the screenshot below.


Add the Inbound Message Interface to the Business Service created.

Message interface:  MI_IB_MATMAS 


5.3 Create Receiver Communication Channel

Create a receiver communication channel (File Adapter) under the Receiver Business Service (File_service).


5.4 Create Receiver Determination

Receiver Determination defines the possible receivers for a sender and an outbound interface combination. In Conditional Receivers specify a conditional argument whose value will be used to route the inbound message to the respective Service. Based on the value of a certain field in the incoming IDoc the conditional argument is evaluated and thus the receiver is determined and message is routed accordingly at runtime.



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