XI - IDoc to IDoc Scenario


Creation of Business System: 

Click on New Business System and the following screen will appear.


Enter the name of the Business System and click next. 


Select the type of the business system in this case its Web AS ABAP. 


Select the Technical System for the Business System.


Select the required client. 


Select the Business system role and related integration server and click Finish to complete the creation of the business system. 

Design: Integration Repository 

1. Create a Namespace under component SATYAM_SAPXI_IDOC. 


2. Import the IDOC by using Import Wizard in the Imported Object in the Design time. 


3.  Create a Message Mapping and drag IDOC Structure into Source Message and Target Message panes. Map the mandatory fields of the input and output IDoc structure. Save and activate the message mapping.   


4.  Create an Interface Mapping for the IDoc. 

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