XI - Inter Company Stock Transfer Order between 2 SAP systems achieved by designing a BPM


Exercise Steps apart from BPM

Step 1: Repository 

1.1.  Prepare mapping interface objects

1.1.1.        Business processes only work with abstract interfaces. Create the abstract asynchronous interface MI_PO_ABS based on the IDOC ORDERS05 which is available in the import object.             

1.1.2.        Create the abstract synchronous interface MI_STO_Sync_ABS used to open the Synchronous Bridge from where it receives an Outbound IDOC and is starting point to the BPM.  

1.1.3.        Create the abstract asynchronous interface MI_DEL_ABS used to receive the Delivery IDOC from Target R/3 system. Here one should understand that Delivery is created from Rush Order, which is received from other R/3 system and again sent back through the same Integration Process.  

Step 2: Directory 

2.1 Create the business process object CS_STO_OR_Sync_Async . in this step import the created business process created in the Repository. 

2.2 Create the 4 Receiver Determinations

    Observe that E6S is source R/3 system, which would send Sales Order

    R3X is target R/3 system that receives Purchase Order and send Delivery message.

E6S -> BPM: To send Sales Order

R3X -> BPM: To send Delivery

BPM -> R3X: To receive Purchase Order

BPM -> E6S: To receive Delivery

2.2.1     E6S -> R3X, R3X -> BPM, BPM -> R3X, BPM -> E6S

Create receiver determination from E6S to BPM as below to send Sales order message             

 Create receiver determination from BPM to R3X as below to receive Purchase Order (Understand that Sales order when sent to the other system, it becomes Purchase Order).

Create receiver determination from R3X to BPM as below to send Delivery message. 


Create receiver determination from BPM to E6S as below to receive Delivery message 


Create the required interface determination and receiver agreements. 



Note that the IDoc Adapter would look up the logical system name of the sender from the SLD. In this case the sender of the message is the BPM process 'IP_STO_PO_OR_Sync_Async'. This would lead to an error at runtime since there is no corresponding entry in the SLD. The solution is to overwrite the sender service name using the header mapping functionality. 

            - In the header mapping section, check the 'Sender Service'.

            - From the drop-down list, select the original sender 'BS_E6S_800’.            

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