XI - Inter Company Stock Transfer Order between 2 SAP systems achieved by designing a BPM


Step 4: Testing: 

4.1 Create the PO in E6S and trigger the NEU output type.    


Triggering the output type NEU  


Examine the message in the transaction SXMB_MONI. Notice that the message was sent to the process engine and the status of the workflow is 'in process' until the delivery IDOC is received by the BPM back. 

In Process:


The immediate send step in the BPM sends the received PO IDOC to R3X system. Based on the information from the IDOC a sales order and the corresponding delivery will be created in the R3X system and triggers the ZD55 output type in delivery document and sends the Delivery note IDOC to the IP and sends the same to the E6S. With this step the BPM process will be completed.  



Verification procedure:

PO in E6S.

TCode ME23N, a source document which triggers Outbound IDOC. 


PO IDOC status: Can be viewed through WE05 transaction.

Inbound Orders IDOC in R3X and its status 

Display the order and verify the purchase order number in Target system. 


Verify the corresponding delivery outbound IDOC in R3X system and the output type ZD55  

Delivery IDOC in E6S: 


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