Working with Plain J2SE Adapter Engine


Now go back to Main Menu to know other functionalities. 


1) We have already seen about Adapters .Next Documentation on Plain J2SE Adapters.


 2) Now User Management.

Here we can Create, Delete and also can Change the User settings.

3) Password Management:

4) Certificate Management:

5) Services:

Now in the Services we have SLDaccessor and HttpServer


a) Click on HttpServer. Choose the authentication and protocol here for plain (http) or SSL (https) 


b) For SLDaccessor.This is useful to connect the SLD to which our Plain J2SE needs to be connected. Enter, SLD.port, SLD.user, SLD.password 

6) Traces: 


7) Test Environment

8) Shutdown or Restart Adapter Engine. 


I hope this document will be useful to work with PlainJ2SE Adapters.

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