Integrating I2-MDM with PI7.0 using Webservice


Configurations needed in SAP System:

Create RFC destination using T.Code: SM59,

Create port using T.Code: WE21,

Create Partner Profiles using T.Code:WE20,

Create a distribution model using T.Code:BD64.

Configurations needed in PI System:

Create port maintenance in IDoc Adapter using T.Code: IDX1

Create IDoc metadata for Customer IDoc using T.Code: IDX2

Test the Scenario:

When a customer gets created through T.Code: XD01, IDoc gets generated and sent to PI, PI again sent the data to MDM through web service.

Check the IDoc number: 2365283 in T.Code:WE02

IDoc “2365283” gets generated for Customer Number: “610101R013”

Similarly PI shows the successful message process with target data shown below.

IDOC_NUMBER = “2365283”,


ENTITY_ID = “610101R013”.

Now Logon to MDM.

Below screen show the I2-MDM which received the data from PI.

Data received by MDM from PI for IDoc Number: 2365283

Customer Data with ID: 610101R013 is been successfully stored in I2-MDM tables as shown below.

This shows the integration of I2-MDM with PI7.0


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