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Steps to be followed in Configuration phase (Integration Directory)

In this phase you specify the business systems of the business partners on which the application components are installed. In this phase the integration scenario provides you with a central point of entry for the definition of all receiver determinations. These routing relations define the flow of messages in the productive system landscape.  

Ø       Transfer Integration Scenario from Integration Repository as shown below and save it. .


Ø       Open Configuration Scenario in Edit mode and click on Integration Scenario Configurator Button.

Ø       Integration Scenario Configurator will display the four configuration steps which are going to be followed during configuration.


Ø       Select the Component View: Once you have executed this activity, the component view is displayed in an interactive graphic.

Ø       Assign the Services: In this step you assign services to the application components of integration scenario. In this way, you map the participants in an integration scenario displayed in the component view to actual senders and receivers of messages in your system landscape. 


Ø       Configure the Connections: In this step, you activate sender/receiver relations for the individual connections in the integration scenario. Furthermore, you specify communication channels that are relevant for the sender/receiver relations. These are then used to calculate the relevant collaboration agreements.


Ø       Generate the Configuration Objects: In this step, the configuration objects will be created (if they do not yet exist). If they do already exist, they will be reused and enhanced, if required. You can simulate generation for test purposes.


Ø       A generation log provides you with an overview of all changes made in the Integration Directory as a result of the configuration of the integration scenario. It informs you which configuration objects have been created or reused. The generation log enables you to recognize which configuration objects require manual work.

Ø       All the necessary Configurations are created as shown below.


Thus, Integration Scenario Configurator will save time required for configuration of objects.

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