Multiple occurrence of file to single occurrence of RFC


Interface Mapping

Since the structure conversion need to be done. Define the Interface mapping which we will be needed in Directory.

Pick up the source Message interface & target message interface as shown

Change the Occurrences in target Message interfaces to 0.unbounded as this is mandatory.



Change the occurrences of target interfaces to 0—unbounded as shown 

Message Mapping:

The message mapping need to be defined between the Source Message Type & target message type

Message mapping for the corresponding Interface mapping


Save the objects & activate all the design time objects.

Click the change list and expand the SWCE right click on standard change list and click on activate by selecting the objects. 


We are now going to create A2A scenario manually.

Create a scenario & name it then save it.

Once the Scenario is created & saved, it is displayed in Left panel

Then the following steps need to be performed

  • Create Business Systems

  • Create Communication Channel & fill the parameters

  • Create the receiver Determination

  • Create the Interface Determination

  • Create the Receiver Agreement

  • Create the Sender Agreement.

Creating Business Systems: Import the Business systems from SLD. Select the appropriate the systems & click on import, make sure the option “create communication channel automatically is unchecked”. Because we would like to create them manually 

Business Systems


Sender Communication Channel

Since the sender is file system, choose the Adapter type as File.

And configure the Adapter dependent & independent properties 


Receiver Communication Channel

 Configure RFC Receiver adapter with server specific properties.


Integration Process: import the BPM from IR into ID

This step is to be done in order to import the BPM from IR to ID


Receiver Determination

Select the Appropriate receiver for this message.

It contains 2 steps.

  • One from File system to BPM

  • Other from BPM to R/3 system

File to BPM


From BPM to R/3 System


Interface Determination

Select the Appropriate inbound message interface & the interface mapping created in IR for this message.

It contains 2 steps.

  • One from File system to BPM

  • Other from BPM to R/3 system

File To BPM


BPM To R/3 System:  

Configure the Inbound interface (outbound) for BPM and Inbound For RFC.


Sender Agreement

Configure the Sender Agreement. This makes the binding between the sender system & sender message interface & communication channel

Receiver Agreement 

Configure the receiver Agreement. This makes the binding between the sender system & receiver system, receiver message interface & communication channel 



Keep the XML file into the folder on FTP server, as mentioned in the properties of sender communication channel

The XI uses Pull mechanism to pick up the file as per pool interval, And depending on the mode (delete in this case) the file is deleted from the sender folder


Execute the Transaction code SXMB_MONI, to check the incoming messages. 




Finally log on to the R/3 system (backend) and check the data base table for entries. 


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