Scenario on parsing PDF files using SAP Conversion Agent with PI/XI


Step3: Deploying ConversionAgent project .

Now Deploy the Project.

Enter the Description and say Deploy.

Check the folder BillPrj1(Project name) in ServiceDB folder after deployment at

path C:\Program Files\SAP\ConversionAgent\ServiceDB

As this is developed in personal PC this folder has to exist in PI server for that simply copy and paste the Project Folder (BillPrj1) to ServiceDB folder of PI Server.

Now our service BillPrj1 exists in PI Server.

Let’s Configure the PI channels

Step4: Development in PI Configuration (ID).

Create Configuration Scenario and Business Service.

Create File Sender and File Receiver communication channels.

Sender File Adapter:

Now go to the Module Tab and mention the parameters as shown below.

Configure the Sender Agreements, Receiver Agreements, Receiver Determination and Interface Determination.

Step5: Test the Scenario.

Input PDF file:

Output XML format:

This completes the scenario to parse PDF file using SAP Conversion Agent with PI.

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