Proxy to file scenario using AAE - with full configuration


5.     Enter name for Sender / Receiver ID (here I have configured TESTSCENARIO). Enter interface name (SI_OB_A_ProxyTest) and namespace of that interface. This interface name/namespace will be same as ESR (PI) outbound service interface name and namespace. Save this Sender ID.  

6.     Next go to transaction SXMB_ADM à Integration Engine Configuration àSpecific Configuration. Then go to change mode and click “New Entries”. Now choose Category = “RUNTIME”, Parameters = “IS_URL”. Now we need to add Sub parameter. This is the main configuration. Here we will set the Sender/Receiver ID (this is created in step 1). When proxy method for required service interface (SI_OB_A_ProxyTest) will be called then it will check “Sub Parameter” in configuration and call the respective RFC Destination (from “Current Value” parameter i.e. dest://AAE_DXB). AAE_DXB is a RFC Destination for Advanced Adapter Engine of type “G”.  


7.     Now write a test program for the proxy (proxy for service interface: SI_OB_A_ProxyTest).  

Configuration in the PI system  

1.     Create the design object in ESR comprising data types, message types, service interfaces, message mapping and operational mapping.  

2.     Create the configuration object in ID comprising configuration scenario, sender and receiver communication channels and integrated configuration object.  




Unit Testing  

1.     Go to SE38 transaction in ECC, to trigger proxy data to PI.

2.     Go to the “Configuration and Monitoring Home” and open “Message Overview” to check the status:

3.     Check the file created:  

File Content:



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