RFC-to-Web Service Scenario


3.      Configurations in the Integration Directory

 3.1 Create sender communication channel

Create Sender Communication channel (RFC adapter) under the Sender Business system

Make sure the Program id specified here and the Program id specified in the RFC destination created above are same. 

3.2 Create receiver communication channel

Create Receiver communication channel (SOAP adapter) under the Receiver business service.


 We need to specify the following in the SOAP adapter;

1. Target Url : http://ws.cdyne.com/delayedstockquote/delayedstockquote.asmx?WSDL

2. Configure Proxy: If your network has a proxy setup you need to provide the details of the same.
3. Configure proxy User Authentication: to be specified in case.
4. SOAP Action: we can find out the SOAP Action for the GetQuote method of the Webservice “DelayedStockQuote”  in WSDL.

 3.3 Create Sender Agreement

Sender adapter in the sender agreement converts the message into XML format


3.4 Create Receiver Agreement

Receiver Agreement defines to which receiver the message, has to be routed.


3.6 Create Interface Determination

Interface Determination identifies the Mapping between the sender interface and Receiver interface.


3.5 Create Receiver Determination

Receiver Determination defines the possible receivers for a sender and an outbound interface combination.


4.      Testing the Scenario

In the Sender R/3 system Execute the Report program we have created earlier. When the program is executed with Stock symbol it should get the details of that stock symbol from the Webservice.

Below is the screenshot of the output we got when the program is executed with the StockSymbol “R “



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