Usage of SOAP Lookup and RFC Lookup in a single Mapping Program


Create the RFC receiver communication channel and maintain the details of the target R/3 system.  

Create the one sender agreement for sender file adapter and two receiver agreements for the receiver file adapters and create Enhanced interface determination and one receiver determination, no need to create any receiver agreements for the RFC and SOAP communication channels. The creation of agreements was not shown here as it is quite easy.

Create the interface determination and select the radio button enhanced and select the interface mapping.

Create the receiver determination as shown below  

After done with end to end configurations, test the scenario.

Our Input xml file is After the source file has picked successfully log on to ABAP stack and hit the transaction SXMB_MONI and observe the pipeline steps. Under message mapping step under the payload you can see the two payloads as shown below. Right click on the below selected fields and open them in window one and window two.

Output files will be generated as below.  

Output using SOAPLookUp: Output using RFCLookUp: In this document I am not giving any code for the UDF’s SOAPLOOKUP and RFCLOOKUP.Since there is no much difference in the code only thing is to change the business systems and communication channels.

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