Scenario on RFC to SOAP


Configuration activities in Integration Directory:

1.       Configure Sender RFC communication channel


Note: As soon as you create Sender RFC communication channel, save and activate it. Immediately now create a RFC destination in R/3 System of type TCP/IP with server registered program as mentioned in this communication channel against Program ID.

Remember first activate then create RFC destination in R/3 system.

2.       Configure Receiver SOAP communication Channel.

3.       Configure sender agreement

4.       Configure receiver agreement


5.       Configure Interface determination

6.       Configure Receiver Determination


7.       Save them and activate.

Testing the scenario:

1.       Run the Function Module in SE37 in R/3 System which will send RFC message to XI 


Using RFC sender adapter the message is converted to RFC XML and then routed to Integration server for Receiver determination, Mapping and routing to SOAP adapter in adapter engine.

SOAP adapter sends SOAP message to web service method which will execute to send a message to remote Mobile in this case.

Response message is sent to XI and there after it retraces to RFC which would be waiting for the response. There by it is going to be synchronous processing of the message. 


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