Creating a Technical System of type WAS ABAP in SLD… are we sure about the objects that get created?


Apart from a technical system of type ABAP a Computer System gets created in SLD from SAP PI 7.1 onwards.

This is actually the hostname with database details. When we create a technical system manually this Database tab in ABAP System Details section will be disabled, unless you do this (Executing RZ70 this Database tab gets enabled and filled with relevant OS details)

Here we see a new object called Computer System with Hostname and OS details as follows:  

Fig 5: Computer System in SLD

In the below diagram you can see Database tab is enabled with necessary details.

Fig 6: Database tab enabled in SLD

When you check the hostname in the Database tab it shows Navigate to Computer System. In earlier version this was not created.

Fig 7: Navigate to Computer System

One other advantage of the second approach is we don’t need to remember any technical details of the system, including client numbers with logical system details. Every thing gets registered in one single T Code execution.  

Fig 8: various clients and logical systems of ECC  

Fig 9: Message Server Details in SLD

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