Implementation of SOAP to JDBC Synchronous scenario


Message Mapping:

Request mapping to update the record in the data base table.

Response mapping whether the record is updated in the data base table


Interface Mapping.

Create one interface mapping.  Click on read interfaces and select the corresponding message mapping.

Activate all the IR objects. Integration Repository part completed.

Integration Directory

Business Services and Communication Channels

Create Business service and select the  sender and receiver interface


 Create the sender communication channel. Select the adapter as soap. Enter the Sender interface and the namespace.

Create the Receiver JDBC communication channel 

JDBC Driver:

Connection:      jdbc:sqlserver://hostname:1433;databaseName=AccPayDBV2

 Replace host name with the IP address of the SQL Server. Check whether you are using the correct port name

Specify the username and password for the connecting to the database. 

Sender Agreement 

Create the sender agreement for connecting to the sender communication channel 

Receiver Determinations:

Create the receiver determination as shown below

Interface Determinations:

Create the interface determination. Interface mapping is specified here.

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