Implementation of SOAP to JDBC Synchronous scenario


Receiver Agreements:

Create the receiver agreement

Generating the WSDL file:

In the Integration Directory, from the menu bar, select the Tools----Define Web Service


Click on continue

  Click on the propose URL and click on the continue

Select the Sender interface and namespace.

Specify the sender interface, sender namespace, and sender service.

It will display all the sender details. Then click finish.

Save the generated WSDL file.


Executing the Scenario in Microsoft Info path: 

Open the Microsoft info path from start—programs---Microsoft office---Microsoft office info path.


Click on the  design a from template

 Select the Web Service icon and click on ok

Select the radio button receives and submits data and click on next.


Enter the path of the generated WSDL which you have saved and click next.

Select the interface and click next.


Click next

Click here to continue...


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