Demonstration on using SYNC/ASYNC Bridge in BPM



Create Request Interface Mapping

Create Response Mapping


Graphical flow Diagram:

Container Elements:


Receive Step                                         Transformation1 step


Send Synchronous step                         Transformation2 step


Send (closes bridge)

The Receive step receives the Soap Request, which is synchronous interface. It opens the S/A Bridge.

In the Synchronous send step, BPM sends request to the R3 system and gets response back.

In the last send, the response is sent back to the Web service client. (Closes S/A Bridge.)


Business Services:

Create the Business Service for Sender.

Create Business service for the BAPI.

Import the Integration process which you have created in the Integration Repository.

Communication Channels:

Create the sender communication channel

Create the BAPI Receiver Communication Channel.


Sender Agreement:

Create the sender agreement.

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