Publishing Interface as Web Service (Web Service to RFC)


3.       Configurations in the Integration Directory

In the Integration Repository first we need to create one Business service, as the sender is SOAP and import the Business system from the SLD as the receiver is RFC.

3.1    Create Business service and communication channel

Right click on the Business service to create a new Business service

Right click on the communication channel to crate communication channel for SOAP sender


3.2    Import Business system and create receiver RFC communication channel


3.3    Create Sender agreement, Receiver determination, Interface determination and Receiver agreement 

Sender agreement


Receiver agreement


Interface determination


Receiver determination


3.4    Define web service

To define the web service, select define web service from the tools menu


It will take you to the wizard, which enables you to create web service documents in WSDL.


Click on continue button 

It will ask you to specify Integration Server SOAP inbound channel URL The syntax of the URL is specified below

The inbound address for SOAP message is:


Under party:service:channel enter the party name, the service name, and the name of the communication channel. If no party has been created, enter the following: channel=:service:channel

Click on continue button. Here we need to specify the Name, Name space and Software component version of the Message interface from the Integration Repository that we want to publish. 


Click on continue button. Here we need to specify the sender of the message. You then use these details to define receiver determinations and interface determinations, for example


Now click on continue then Finish button. It will generate the WSDL document. Save the document for further processing. 

3.                   Test the Scenario

In order to test this scenario we need third party tools like XML Spy or Microsoft InfoPath. 

In this example we are using XML SPY to create and send SOAP request from the generated WSDL. 

Open XML spy editor to create a SOAP request from the WSDL generated above. 


Input Xml File

SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""
xmlns:SOAP-ENC="" xmlns:xsi="" 
	   <m:MT_flight_req_ob xmlns:m="">
Send the SOAP Request to Server
Tools->SOAP->Send Request To Server
Output XMl File(response)
<SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP="">
	  <ns1:MT_flight_res_ob mlns:ns1="">


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