XSLT Mapping


Objects that need to be developed in ID

Business System: Create a business system-pointing source SAP R/3 system.

Business Service: Create a business service corresponding to target file system and don’t forget to assign outbound and inbound interfaces. 

Communication Channel: Create a communication channel of type File Adapter under Business service (w.r.t target system) to send a file to FTP server of target system. Define the target FTP server details as shown in the following screen: 


Sender Agreement: No need as Source system is sending IDOC which is native to XI (but need to perform necessary steps through transactions IDX1 and IDX2). 

Receiver Determination: Configure Receivers for corresponding Sender Service and Outbound Interface combination. 

Interface Determination: Specify corresponding Inbound Interface and Interface Mapping for combination of Sender Service and Outbound Interface w.r.t specified Receiver in Receiver Determination. 

Receiver Agreement: Create this corresponding to Receiver Business service and inbound interface combination and specify communication channel, which places file on the target system’s FTP server.

Altova MapForce to create XSLT 

Open Altova MapForce tool, before this activity, have XSD’s of both Source and Target structures on local machine.

Create a new Mapping file 


  1. Now import XSD’s of both Source and Target messages (which are Outbound and Inbound Messages in XI).

To do this go to Menu Item, Insert-> XML Schema/File


Give path to Source message XSD (in this scenario xsd is corresponding to IDoc type DESADV.DELVRY03), after specifying the xsd it will look like as shown below 


In the same way repeat necessary steps for Target structure (in this scenario xsd is corresponding Load Tender Motor CIDX message)


Now make use of functions that are available on left side and complete required mapping, 


Once you are done with mapping save it and then go to XSLT tab which is shown below of the mapping, 


There is required XSLT code, copy that and create an XSL file (extension .xsl) by simply pasting the above code.  Now zip this XSL file and import the same in IR under Imported Archives.

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