Zipping Files/Payloads using Module PayloadZipBean


Module Tab of Receiver Communication Channel: 


Identify that we have added the following in this module tab 

Module Name:   loacalejbs/AF_Modules/PayloadZipbean

Module Type:    Local Enterprise Bean (it’s a selection among three options)

Module Key: Zip (key to handle module and its parameters) 

And also do identify that, we have added a row in module Configuration that is to specifying mode of zip, i.e., that is how to zip payloads for which we have 3 options here

Parameter value

  • zip/ zip one             --   To compress the main payload
  • zipAll                      --   To compress all payloads
  • unzip                       --   To decompress the main payload

Similarly we can specify the output zip file to be named as payload name: 

Zip.fileNameKey                --   payloadName / contentType

Then we specify the following: 

Receiver Determination:  


Sender Agreement: 


Interface Determination: 


Receiver Determination: 


Source Files: 




Output zipped files: 



File with 286 Bytes is reduced to 263 Bytes. Compare the same with large files.


To see how this module gets processed in Adapter Engine: 

Go to Communication Channel Monitoring of Runtime Workbench and provide the necessary details and press Use Filter. 


Select the successfully processed message of yours it will popup Message Display tool.

Select Audit Log:


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