Triggering alert (Email) using java mapping


STEP 5 Create java mapping. This java mapping first search for the product id (INPUT) from the database (MYSQL). If any product id is present in the database then it will return the product name (OUTPUT) from the database. If the product id is absent in the database then it will call the alert triggering RFC enabled function module and trigger alert as an email. For pi7.1 we can use graphical RFC lookup and JDBC lookup in the message mapping.  

Java mapping code snippet is available here.  

STEP 6 Create operations mapping from the java mapping created in the previous step. Now activate all the development of the design view.  

STEP 7 Go to the configuration view of the XI and configure the scenario.

·         Create two business system (one for sender and another for receiver interface) and two communication channel (sender and receiver).



·         Create sender agreement and enter the sender communication channel.  

·         Create receiver agreement and enter the receiver communication channel.  

·         Create interface determination and enter the interface mapping name.  

·         Finally create receiver determination and then activate all the developments done in the configuration view.

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